Hello, we are Wiebke and Arnold, a small team from Berlin.
We love to build Games & Interactive-Stories for Touchscreens.


February 25, 2015

Card Crawl – March 15th, 2015

We announced the Card Crawl release date which will ne the 15th of March. Take a look at our trailer and visit www.cardcrawl.com to sign up for the newsletter!

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December 13, 2014

Weekly Update #30

This is Weekly Update #30 (weeks late actually) with some smaller updates on what we are doing!

Matchagon 3.2 Update
We just submited a new update for Matchagon. The latests update will bring proper iPhone 6/6+ support and we will bring back the old Normal-Mode. A lot of players complained after the big 3.0 change of the gamedesign that they only played Matchagon in the non blocker mode and that they were very upset when we took it out. Eventhough we think the blocker mechanic is way more interesting in terms of gameplay we still want to do our players a service with bringing it back in the new update. Matchagon is actually still played very frequently each day:

Jam Games/Prototypes on Itch.io
We finally managed to create a proper Itch.io account to collect all our old Jam-Games and also some abandoned Prototypes for you to try. Some of them are quite polished some are not. But we would like to make them playable for everyone and maybe give other developers some ideas as well. You can see all 9 games here: tinytouchtales.itch.io or use the fancy widgets below.

Card Crawl Development
The development Card Crawl is still going strong. We actually improved quit some things since we had two playtests with a lot of good feedback. Mexer is continuously amazing with all of his art output. If you follow our Dev-Blog over at cardcrawl.com (which you totally should) you might have seen that we got quite some press coverage out of the blue with Pocketgamer, Toucharcade and Pockettactics writing about the game. We are pretty happy how well the game is received so far. There is still a lot do especially on the UI/Menu side of things and the updates aren’t that fancy but on our side the game gets better and better.


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November 2, 2014

Weekly Update #29

This is weekly updated #29. This time with some more Card Crawl updates!

Unity and Flash
The development on Card Crawl has been very good in the last couple of weeks. Mexer is pushing a lot of really cool art into the game and we are fixing quite a lot of little things. At the recent Talk & Play here in Berlin, we’ve had our first playtest session with the game and got a lot of good feedback regarding the usability and also the gameplay itself. Since it was the first playtest we also found tons of bugs. It’s always amazing to see people interact with your game for the first time. After 30mins of testing we already had a huge list of possible improvements. In general you should test your game with real players as soon as you can and for me it’s still the most inspiring part of game development.


As we are progressing we the game we want to add a lot of cool animations. The interactions between the cards and obviously between the big guy horned guy, we call him Keeper for now, and the cards will have animations and effects. Animation wise there are a lot of tools in Unity3D that can help with animating gameobjects. Mexer who provides the art also is fantastic animator who has a very profound background in Flash. We did a little bit of research and found a very promising looking Unity-Plugin called UniSWF. With UniSWF it’s possible to use Flash animation tools and export them into Unity.


The general idea is to import bitmaps into Flash, animate them with classic Tweens and then export the bitmaps and animations into Unity. UniSWF handles all the converting and also generates spritesheets from the exported bitmaps. A build in API exposes almost all Timeline related functions in Unity. We already did some smaller tests but so far the tool works very well. We will be able to do some very advanced stuff with nested clips, guided layers and so on.

When we have some more animations ready we will record a small tutorial video on how to use UniSWF.

If you are interested in Card Crawl you should follow our development Tumblr and also our Twitter account.

That’s it for this week!

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