Hello, we are Wiebke and Arnold Rauers, a small team from Berlin. We love to build Games and Interactive-Stories for Touchscreens.

Our most recent game is Card Crawl which is available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.



October 28, 2015

Card Crawl Interview

I had the pleasure to talk to Geoff Beckstein of GG Interactive about my way into making games and also creating Card Crawl. The interview touches some interesting aspects of game making in general and some design/business details of making [...]

Game Design

October 11, 2015

Post-Flappy-Era Games

Looking at the App Store these days is kind of boring. Top grossing charts haven’t changes since 2013. Supercell and King dominating the charts cashing in Millions while at same time spending almost all of it to buy new users. [...]

Game Design

October 9, 2015

Accessibility in Design: Chesh

Yesterday Damien Summers new game Chesh was released on iOS. I would describe Chesh as a random version of Chess in which pawn movement and board size varies to different degrees. You can download Chesh on the App Store, here’s [...]

Card Crawl

September 25, 2015

Card Crawl Roadmap

Hello! Since we restructured the blog a bit we will post Card Crawl related news in it’s own category. We want to talk about our plans for Card Crawl which includes it’s 2nd content Update coming at the end of [...]


September 15, 2015

Website Redesign

Hello! We’ve updated our website a bit and made some smaller changes to the layout in order to have a more structured Blog. We now have proper categories to file in more different things. Until now we have used the [...]

Card Crawl

August 21, 2015

First Week of Card Crawl for Android

Hello! The first week of Card Crawl for Android is over and we disclose first numbers and insights! Launch For most games the launch week is the most important period in the lifetime of a game. Since Card Crawl had [...]


August 16, 2015

3 Year Anniversary

Hello! Today is Tinytouchtales official 3 year anniversary. On the 16th of August 2012 we released our first game Super Zombie Tennis. Let’s recap what happened so far. Year 1 Tinytouchtales started as an idea to create games and interactive [...]