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July 26, 2014

Weekly Update #23

This is Weekly Update #23 coming back from a long and happy break!

One Tap RPG Release Date
Today we have set the release date for One Tap RPG to August 6th. We will need to do some marketing and inform some of the bigger News sites, but besides that the game is ready to be played. This time we decided to package the whole game as a Premium App and sell it for $0.99, which is a fair price considering the content the game will offer. We had some bad experiences with the f2p route in the last time and we think that shifting back to Premium might be a better fit for our type of Gamedev.
If you haven’t signed up go to www.onetaprpg.com and we will inform you when the game will be available.

Leveling Up
The other big, not games related, thing that was happening the last weeks was our Wedding. Wiebke and i finally said yes to each other and we are officially husband and wife. We had a great time with Family and Friends, partying pretty hard and having a nice vacation in Austria.
We are now back at full speed and super pumped to work on our own projects again!


That’s it for this Week!

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June 28, 2014

Weekly Update #22

Welcome to our Weekly Update #22. This time with the announcement of our new Game!
Our Weeklys are completely out of sync with all the stuff happening outside of our game making bubble, but still we try to write an updated at least every two weeks.

One Tap RPG
This week we want to announce our new game One Tap RPG. One Tap RPG is a Pachniko-like arcade dungeon crawler, which features randomly generated dungeons.

It’s basically a mixture between Peggle and a hack & slash game, where your character is completely controlled by the physics of the game. It’s a highly luck based game and where you can compete on Game-Center or in a Daily-Challenge. The Daily-Challenge generates a fixed set of Monsters which are positioned randomly and a fixed Dungeon layout. Item positions are also fixed but the types are randomized. Each day has a unique global Highscore in which you can compete.


We have submitted One Tap RPG to Apple and are waiting for the review. If you like to get an email when the game is available you should sign up at www.onetaprpg.com and we’ll notify you!

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June 15, 2014

Weekly Update #21

Hello! This is Weekly Update #21 with a small teaser on what we are working on right now.

KRAXLN update
It has been a little bit quite around KRAXLN in the last weeks. The reason for that is that Thomas and I decided that the project will be our part time activity and with a lot of cool stuff happening around Thomas craft, for example the Comic-Salon Erlangen and talks he gives, he has been quite busy in the last weeks. This does not mean we won’t work on KRAXLN anymore but it sure will slow down the process a little bit. Non the less we are trying to work in smaller pushes and bring the game to a more polished state.

New Game
The slowdown of the work on KRAXLN has led to new opportunities and we decided to go for another small project that we have been making the last few days. I won’t spoil to much, because it’s not very polished right now, but it has a lot of potential.
The new idea comes from the desire to make something in the realm of “fun physics” games, where the chaotic nature of physics is the core gameplay. Best game of this kind in our mind is Peggle. If you haven’t played Peggle before it’s a kind of upside down Flipper where the ball get’s dropped into the game from above, bouncing it’s way down to the bottom. Peggle is inspired by japanese Pachinko machines which have the same mechanic, but are real machines that don’t simulate the physics but use the real life ones to let the balls bounce in unpredictable ways.

I always enjoyed playing Peggle and wanted to try doing my own version of it. The main issue with games like Peggle is the Level design. It takes a tremendous effort to create interesting levels for such games, because it’s all about this last thing i couldn’t clear before i run out of balls. In our case we wanted to make something randomly generated that will work without the need of level design and can keep creating fresh levels. So we decided to use the core mechanic of Peggle and combine it with a Dungeon-RPG methaper to create a random dungeon that plays like a Peggle game but is more about watching the physics go crazy than making precision shots.


As you can see from the screenshots barrels and monsters are placed randomly. Monsters have their own movement patterns. The hero starts at the top of the screen and descends down to the end of the dungeon trying to kill as many monsters on it’s way down as possible. There are some additional things that we will talk about later. In order to keep the production of this project small we decided to use the fantastic Oryx-Lab sprites which you can buy for $35 and use them in your game. The game mix between random-physics and random dungeons works surprisingly well and we looking forward to finishing this little game.

Have a nice Sunday and see you next Week!

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