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July 17, 2015

Alchemist: New card game Prototype

In between the development of Card Crawl’s Android version we are working on smaller prototypes to find out what we are going to do next. One of the prototypes is another solitaire card game inspired puzzler in which you play as an alchemist who is brewing potions for injured adventures. We are looking for early feedback and if you have played Card Crawl you should give it a try! The game can be found here and needs the Unity-Player to be installed.

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June 25, 2015

Frank Lantz

The world of video games is big and shiny. Mega companies try to engage ever increasing crowds of gamers and toping sales charts with each new release of their new super franchise. Games have become a serious business and unfortunately some of the values games stand for have been lost in the flood of this new popularity. As a developer it’s hard to find inspiration within the main stream these days, but now and then we find inspiration from people who look at games from a different angle.

In the recent years the most inspirational person for me has been a guy who might be familiar to you, if you follow the independent games scene. Frank Lantz is Director of the NYU Game Center and has been working independently at Area/Code which later got bought by Zynga. Besides his many lesser know games (Parking Wars, or large scale real world games) he is the creator of the brilliant Drop7, one of the most interesting puzzle games in the last 10 years. Besides his love for gaming Frank also has a strong connection to art, philosophy and aesthetics. All fields i’m also interested, but never been educated enough to deep dive in.

Today i want to share my “collection” of talks by Frank which inspired, motivated and amazed me over last couple of years. If you have any interest in the greater ideas of what games are this is for you.

Hearts and Minds

Life and Death and Middle Pair: Go, Poker and the Sublime

Doorknobs and Butterflies, Games after Art

Strange Love: Game Theory vs. Game Design

Games as an Aesthetic Form

Reinventing Gaming


Go in the new World

Counting Frames

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June 21, 2015

Card Crawl Content Update & Sale Report

Hello, we are back with some more numbers and stats. This time we want to show how Card Crawl’s big update and sale went.

The Sale
From the 11th of June till the 14th Card Crawl’s first sale happened. 3 month after the launch we lowered the price from $1.99 to $0.99. Together with the sale we also announced that we will raise the price afterwards to $2.99. We got lucky and the game was featured once again in the Best Updates in the US on the 8th spot. In the 4 days of sale we could get 4758 downloads and made $3248 in revenue.


Since quite a few people had the game on their wishlist waiting for a sale, we could get quite some attention also from the press. With Toucharcade, Pocketgamer and also Pockettactics covering us with single articles. We actually expected the sale to generate more downloads and thought of at least $10000 in revenue which did not happen. On the other hand our plan to raise the price after the updated proves to be successful so far. In the days after the sale ended we could gain another $350 per day on average just from the buzz that the sale had created.


The Update
The update it self was pretty well received. A lot of people who had stopped playing after unlocking all ability cards said they we’re happily coming back to get all the new cards. In addition to that we introduced new Avatar-Cards and 2 new Dealers which are unlockable through quests. The new Daily mode also got some fans, posting their runs frequently on twitter and generating some free marketing for the game.
The App Store ratings for the update are also quite good. 51 ratings and 4.5 Stars in the US (901, 4.5 Stars overall), 24 ratings and 5 Stars in Germany (291, 5 Stars overall).
Some nice reviews in addition:

“Outstanding upgrade to an already wonderful game – Aesthetically enjoyable card game is fun and has a ton of replay value. Just get it.”

“Love this game! – I am addicted to this game! Can’t stop playing it!”

“Amazing – Everyone should get this hidden jewel. Even though it does get repetitive, every time you play it is different, so replay value is good.”

One of our favorite players vivafringe did another great guide on the Toucharcade forum where he examines the new cards and the strategies to get back into the top scores. Speaking of top scores: Alex one of our winners from the Community Card contest is very close to cracking the 200 gold mark.

All in all the update went quit good and we could please our players with new content. Up next is the obvious port to Android that we are preparing right now. We already posted on Twitter that we will need some beta testers very soon so stay tuned if you have an Android device!

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