Hi! I‘m
Arnold Rauers.

Since 2012 I create mobile games
with various talented people
as Tinytouchtales.

We've made Gnomitaire, Maze Machina, Miracle Merchant, Card Thief, ENYO and Card Crawl which are available on the App Store and Google Play.

I publish Game Jam games and showcase my game ideas and prototypes on Itch.io.

If you would like to support me and my work consider becoming a Patron. You can send me an Email, follow me on Twitter or Instagram and join our Discord community.

2022-03-08 - Tinytouchtales


For the #7DRL 2022 Jam I had the pleasure to work with the amazing Terri Vellmann on our Western roguelike called GUNCHO.

In the game you clear the 5 bandit camps and defeat the bandit boss to restore law and order.

The game is playable in your Browser:
GUNCHO on Itch.io.

2022-02-14 - Miracle Merchant

A short interview with the worlds best Miracle Merchant player

2021-12-31 - Tinytouchtales

End of Year – 2021

2021-11-04 - Card Crawl Adventure

Card Crawl Adventure 2nd Game Dev Stream

2021-08-10 - Tinytouchtales


- Tinytouchtales

Card Crawl, Card Thief and Maze Machina FREE on the App Store

2021-06-01 - Card Crawl Adventure

Card Crawl Adventure Play Test Update

2021-03-10 - Tinytouchtales

Idol Knight